Valentine Special

Valentines Day… heart shaped boxes of chocolates, roses, wine, rip-off cards with cringe-inducing poetry… amirite?


Not in this house.

You may notice I like to do my own thing – and yes, I’m single! Any takers? ;) Anyway, it’s all about the heart…..

Arty heart!

Background: this weekend, I was kindly gifted these beauties

Canada geese

With help, they were plucked and in the freezer that evening. I also had some smug satisfaction from using the old meathooks to hang and pluck them. However, I’m still sweeping up down feathers – oops!

So, I retrieved the hearts.

His 'n' hers?

l-r: untrimmed half, trimmed half, sliced half, diced half. And the marinade.

Marinade overnight - olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, paprika, cumin.

Skewered and sautéed with the veg

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